We at Lusterskin are glad you are interested in our products, but don’t just take our word for how amazing they are. See what some of our new clients are saying and how well each of our products has worked for them!


Dyvar Thompson: Seattle, Wa




Dear Veronika, Thank you so much for all your informative information. Since I started using Lusterskin Products, my skin has improved tremendously. I’ve had acne and discoloration on my skin for years and now my skin is clear and even. Thank you and Lusterskin Products!


Debbie Jones: Atlanta, Ga




Veronika, a co-worker of mine had really bad skin when we started working together and after a couple weeks, I saw such a difference in her skin. I asked her what she was doing and she had start using Lusterskin Products and told me how easy and simple they were to use. I started using Lusterskin Products and now I have beautiful skin also.


Linda M. Bell: Stone Mountain, Ga




Lusterskin Products, I have spent years, time and lots of money trying to remove dark spots on my skin. I purchased Lusterskin Products and after two weeks, I am still amazed at the rapid results. There is a dramatic change in the color and texture of the skin on my face and body. I am so excited–words cannot express my elation. I can only say thank you and Lusterskin Products!


Joyce Smith Wilson: Atlanta, Ga




Dear Veronika: I have had dark knees (black) and dark elbows all my adult life. My first husband said my knees looked like bruised peaches! I have never worn a mini skirt. I have always been embarrassed about my knees being so dark. On a visit with my mother to her primary care physician, I asked the doctor if there was a cure for my knees and elbows. The doctor recommended that I contact you because she was successful with your skin care products. I have used Lusterskin Products perhaps for two months and there is a noticeable difference. My knees are lighter. I wanted to use another bottle and be more intentional and used it daily. I am amazed. I should have taken before and after pictures. Thanks for allowing me to finally wear a mini skirt. Love the Products! Best Regards.


Lawrence Hill, Jr: Los Angeles, Ca




Lusterskin Products Aftershave Serum: I have had to battle ingrown hairs, irritation and infection from shaving and discoloration. My barber gave me a trial size of Lusterskin Aftershave and after 2 1/2 weeks, my skin was free of ingrown hairs and infection. After two months I now have a very even tone skin and can shave everyday with no irritation. Lusterskin Products are the best!